Brake Linings

Woven Roll dari CV Mandiri Teknik
Woven Roll dari CV Mandiri Teknik

CV. Mandiri Teknik is a brake linings manufacturer. We are able to manufacture any kind of brake lining used in any type of industry. You can arrange your special needs of brake linings for your machinery with us and we will deliver your order in best quality control and on-time schedule. We accept custom design.

Our workshop is equipped by recent tooling machinery and skilled operator, specialized only to deliver best quality of your brake linings products. Contact our Sales Manager by email or phone, and we will arrange a special quotes just for you.

CV Mandiri Teknik memproduksi brake lining bagi kebutuhan mesin industri anda. Kami mampu membuat berbagai macam brake lining untuk berbagai macam mesin industri dan otomotif anda. Pelapisan ulang brake lining dikerjakan dengan peralatan yang menjamin kualitas tertinggi dalam produk kami.