AirFlex Type CS

AirFlex type CS dari CV Mandiri Teknik
AirFlex type CS dari CV Mandiri Teknik

CV. Mandiri Teknik is Indonesian distributor and supplier for AirFlex Indonesia. Airflex CS drum style brakes are spring-applied and air released. They automatically engage should an air or electrical loss of power occur. The brake is unidirectional, developing less torque in the reverse direction of drum rotation.

  • Static Torque Capacities* Up To: 19,800 lb·in, 2.235 N·m
  • Typical Applications: Conveyors, drag lines, hoists, power shovels, stamping presses
  • Standard Sizes: 4CS150, 6CSA200, 9CSA200, 12CSA200, 15CS300, 18CS300

*Torque ratings are reported for standard operating conditions. Please consult with your local Airflex Field Sales Engineer or with our Application Engineering Team to make the best selection based on your unique application requirements.

CV Mandiri Teknik merupakan distributor dan supplier AirFlex di Indonesia. Salah satu produk AirFlex yang didistribusikan oleh CV Mandiri Teknik di Indonesia merupakan AirFlex type CS. AirFlex type CS yang kami jual merupakan produk original serta berkualitas tinggi. Silahkan hubungi Sales Manager kami untuk mendapatkan penawaran terbaik dari CV Mandiri Teknik.